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Anyone Rifting?

So the Rift Headstart launches tomorrow morning and I wasn't sure if anyone was playing or not.

However the reason I am posting is to let you know of two GLBT guilds in the game.

For casual/mellow crowd: They are rolling on a PvE-RP server (Faeblight) and are keeping things small and personal.

If you want something bigger and more focused on end game/vent/etc: may be the place for you. They are rolling on a vanilla PvE server (Byriel).

I will be rolling on Faeblight personally, but reserving names on Byriel just in case.

Haven't seen anyone mention the game or any movements towards guilding or grouping. The game is rocking (imho). Worth taking a look at if you MMO (yes, there is a monthly fee).
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Thanks for the notice here. I've been commenting on websites that Faeblight seemed like a good location for a GLBT guild, but I hadn't yet found anyone that planned to actually play there. I'll be sure to check out Praxis.
Glad to hear it and glad I could help! ;)
I see you got approved! Look forward to meeting ya in game.
i am totally rifting! also, i applied to praxis. so we'll see how that goes.
I commented on ya. And I think you are already in. Looks like Dee approved you. You doing the head start or regular start date?
Woah! How did I miss this post?

I actually just applied to Praxis yesterday without ever seeing this. -.-;

I'm Keth on Faeblight.
lol. Right on! Well welcome to the Guild!

I will admit I have been a bit of a ghost in Rift the past week. Dragon Age II hit, then I realized I didn't have a decent Dragon Age Origins save file.. sooo my time has been almost exclusively Dragon Age.

But I am Godric/Shaylen/Shaynna (And unofficially Urso. Haven't decided what to do with him yet).

I'm a fairly late night, West Coast player so some of these folks I barely see! Interestingly enough, Dee the guild leader is an Aussie so I see her all the time! lol
Glad you found a home. Hope you enjoy!