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Starcraft II?

Anyone playing Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty?

The boyfriend and I decided to pick it up this week, and it's been pretty fun. I like that the battlenet ladder/league system makes it so that you play against people of your own skill level--which is helpful because my skill level is non-existent.

I had never played SC before, and I generally prefer turn-based to RTS, so it's been a learning experience. Mostly I've just been playing against the AI or on empty maps, but I'm working my way towards the campaign. The bf, on the other hand, has taken to it like a duck to water... playing online, advancing up the ladders, watching all kinds of commentary.

Also, it did come with some free 10-day trial codes if anyone wants to give the game a shot without paying the hefty $60 price tag. Just leave a comment.
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